Category: Farm Updates

Aug 29, 2022

It’s hard to sum up what this last week has been like, and even harder to do so politely.  It’s been a ride.  As many of you probably know, we’ve had more people off work for a variety of reasons this summer than we had remotely reason to anticipate and it feels nearly impossible to […]

Aug 22, 2022

We are finally seeing some quantities of ripe plum tomatoes as well as our Galaxy collection cherry tomatoes, so early last week we decided to try calling in an extra crew to help get them harvested.  This time of year worker availability can be a bit hit and miss because everyone tends to be busy, […]

Aug 15, 2022

It has been a blessedly different week for us, enjoying our annual week off the farm, with time to relax, and enjoy some time on the lake.  Back at the farm, in spite of being short staffed, things more or less went on as normal.  New seedlings got weeded, the seeds we planted before leaving […]

Aug 8, 2022

This week it finally feels like the drought has broken.  More than an inch in one week, which is finally enough to have sufficient moisture in the soil for a few days anyway.  Enough to make fall seeding for storage crops seem more possible.  And none too early for getting a decent harvest before winter.  […]

Aug 1, 2022

Tomatoes are really hitting their stride and we have the first bulk quantities available of “seconds” grade tomatoes for anyone who wants to freeze them or can tomato soup.  Plum tomatoes are still a little ways off for those who like a thicker sauce, but they are looking good so we are hoping for a […]

July 4, 2022

In the greenhouse the tomatoes are starting, and in the field the asparagus is just done.  Overall not bad having those seasons overlap, if only for a few days.  But after nearly two months of multiple times daily harvest, it feels very strange walking past all those tall asparagus spears and not picking them. Soon […]

June 27, 2022

It’s been a dry few weeks, so the rain last night was a blessing.  Only a quarter inch, so not much compared to the inch weekly needed for most vegetable crops, but we’ll take what we can get.  And since we already had some sprinklers running, we didn’t let a little rain dampen our enthusiasm […]