July 4, 2022

In the greenhouse the tomatoes are starting, and in the field the asparagus is just done.  Overall not bad having those seasons overlap, if only for a few days.  But after nearly two months of multiple times daily harvest, it feels very strange walking past all those tall asparagus spears and not picking them. Soon they will be in their summer glory of tall ferns and it won’t seem as strange, and already other crops are filling our time for harvesting.  We’ll miss the asparagus, but also we won’t.  And it needs time to store up energy for next season.

With tomatoes and cucumbers picking up steam in the greenhouse, and lettuce in abundance from the field, it’s looking like summer salad season.  In a few more weeks tomatoes will be in nearly full force, but for now the heirloom and cherry varieties were planted first so that’s most of what we have.

CSA this week Garlic scapes, Heirloom Tomatoes, Mini lettuce, English Cucumbers, Kale, Mini Cabbage, Garlic Chives,

Fresh Chicken this week and we have some listed online as well (we hope we are good at guessing sizes), but as usual we can still take email orders if that works better for you.

Garlic and onions are coming along nicely, and carrots should hopefully size up once we get some water on them, but it’s been a busy week, and our main person who had been looking after irrigation so far this year moved on to pursue other interests so we’ve been a little behind on that this past week.

This coming week we are busy with first chicken processing today (somehow eats the entire day) and then tomorrow we have our annual organic inspection to renew our Organic Certification for another year.  There has already been lots of work behind the scenes to make it look like we are the organized type of people with our filling up to date, but it is still minimum a half day for four people on the day of the inspection so it will be an interesting start to the week.  Somehow market and orders will get packed, but we’re not really sure how we are going to fit everything into the next few days.  Who needs sleep, right?

Well we’d better get at it.  If you see any rain clouds tell them we’ve been looking for them.

Until next week,

Happy ordering!

Nathan and Aleta Klassen