Aug 1, 2022

Tomatoes are really hitting their stride and we have the first bulk quantities available of “seconds” grade tomatoes for anyone who wants to freeze them or can tomato soup.  Plum tomatoes are still a little ways off for those who like a thicker sauce, but they are looking good so we are hoping for a good crop.

Garlic harvest is underway as well.  Last week we got the first bed pulled and hung to dry.  We have more already loosened in the field but we’ve had a lot else occupying our time and are short a couple people from what we are used to. Jason has been off sick all week which puts more load on the rest of us already, but then on Thursday at market Hayley broke a finger trying to catch a dog that had been left un attended.  So now we are down two people, and Jason is already scheduled off for this week so this should be interesting.  Major shout out to the rest of the crew that we are even keeping up at all and still making it to markets as normal.  Anyway, if anyone wants to come out and get their hands dirty on Wednesday we will be trying to get the rest of the crop in.  Send us an e-mail ([email protected]) if you want to come so we know who to expect!

This week in CSA we have Cherry tomatoes, Beets, Spinach, Carrots, Peppers, and Mini romaine.

Our other project right now (as if we didn’t have enough going on) is getting ready for the fall seedings of carrots and beets as well as turnips and winter radishes.  Overall we are close to where we should be for this, but it’s a challenge finding the time to get all the way.

We could still use rain.  Hopefully what they are promising today comes.  Every bit helps.

That’s all for now.

Until next week,

Happy ordering!

Nathan and Aleta Klassen

[email protected]