January 16, 2023

First off, sorry for the technical difficulties on the online store this morning.  It is being worked on, but in the mean time at least it should be mostly functional.  Not the best timing, but such is the nature of life.

Well it finally feels like January.  At least it isn’t as windy as it was a few weeks ago.  We’ve had a little extra ice to deal with in the barns, and we got the row covers back on in the greenhouses so the salad doesn’t have to experience the worst of the overnight lows, but it hasn’t at least added as much to our workload as the windy deep freeze in December.  And so far it hasn’t impacted greenhouse production too badly, so that’s nice anyway.

We finally have some news for our Dufferin customers.  We will be doing Deliveries this Wednesday in the Dufferin area!  We need orders in through our online store by Monday night.  We are planning a biweekly schedule for deliveries, so make sure to order enough for two weeks!  We are also partnering with Lev Bakery to offer their bread as part of our deliveries to offer more diversity.  

On slightly less happy news, we will now be attending Montgomery’s Inn on a bi weekly schedule.  This has been a decision a long time coming as we have gotten increasingly busier everywhere else, while getting increasingly less busy there, but the final push was losing another staff member over Christmas leading us to the realization that we couldn’t expect to run market and deliveries on the same week.  The good news is the Inn has graciously offered to serve as a pickup point for online orders on the off weeks, so if you pre order you can still get our veggies every week.  As I said, it was a difficult decision.  We’ve been there longer than we’ve been at any other market, for almost every market during the years we’ve attended.  But for now at least we’ll be there every other week at least.

Speaking of being busy, we are already bringing back an extra crew two days a week to help us get through the workload.  It’s great having more people here to get through the bigger jobs a few days per week, but also nice having quieter days between.  

CSA this week we have Lettuce Mix, Carrots, Turnips, Parsnips, Beets, and Delicata Squash.

After weeks of work the main season plan is done enough to get on to actually ordering seeds.  So far two are called in, and some substitutions already made for varieties that were not available.  Hoping we can actually get seed for the Kuri squash this year.  It’s been a problem for a few years and the company we planned to order them from didn’t have them (catalogs don’t mean everything).  Two more to go, and hopefully not too many more problems.  

Well the crew should be arriving about now so I’d better get some more onions ready for them to clean.

Until next week,

Happy ordering!

Nathan and Aleta Klassen 


[email protected]