Winter Weather and Van Shopping

Nov 21, 2022

Well it’s been a week.  This is our first week with Dufferin Grove inside after two weeks without market on Thursdays.  That combined with larger deliveries than we’ve had in a little while on Wednesday made it not really the best week for the van to be giving us problems.  Naturally, given all that, the check engine light came on last Saturday.  Given a series of other unreliabilities over the last few years where we still haven’t been happy with it after repairs, we’ve already been seriously looking at replacements, but this helped further motivate the process.

CSA this week we have Baby Kale, Cabbage, Daikon Radish, Carrots, Parsnips, and Garlic.

This Saturday we will be upstairs at the Kitchener market for the Christmas Artisan Market selling yarn, hand made knitted and crocheted items, and sheep skins.  If you are in the area, check it out!  If not, we still have a selection of these items on the online store if you are in the mood to do your Christmas or winter craft shopping from home. 

We are also excited that this Saturday we will be moving inside at the Stop’s Market.  For the first two weeks of November the weather wasn’t too bad, but this last Saturday the temperature dipped to the minus side which while somewhat unpleasant to work in was even more concern for produce that prefers not to be frozen.  But with some lessons previously learned in winter outdoor markets during past few years we made it through without too much freeze damage.  We’ll still be glad to be going inside.

This week there isn’t much to report directly from the farm, mostly because we haven’t been here as much as usual.  Between Monday trying to help a friend spread their manure for next year’s garden and the spreader breaking in the process, and being out at least part of the day on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday Van shopping, between all the normal livestock chores, packing orders and markets, and being out for markets and deliveries, we just haven’t gotten anything interesting done here.

The weather has definitely shifted to winter this week.  Most of the fresh greens we harvested before freeze are gone now, so unless it warms up we won’t have any lettuce this week.  And even it it does, who knows if the row covers will have been enough for it to survive.  Fortunately we have fresh Arugula and Baby Kale from the greenhouse, but lettuce and spinach were still coming from the field so they are on pause for now.

It was good to be back at market with the Dufferin Grove community.  Being in a much less obvious location than the summer setup in the park it was attended by mostly the hardcore market faithfuls, so much lighter attendance than summer, but on the other hand, we were expecting that, and there were fewer vendors as well.  So it went better than expected.  The biggest drawback is hauling everything in and down the stairs.

So, after all that, what are we doing about the van situation?  Well after spending the week considering many options new and used, and learning which models of van we couldn’t drive comfortably, we put a down payment on a new van that came available from a canceled order.  We’re expecting it to be ready mid May next year.  And for now, our van is back on the road and running better than it has in months, after having a dirty sensor cleaned (thanks to Aleta’s Dad for fixing it up again).  Hopefully it hangs on a little longer.  And hopefully markets keep doing well so we can afford the payments when the new van does arrive. We appreciate all the support from our faithful customers!

That’s all for this week,

Happy ordering!

Nathan and Aleta Klassen

[email protected]