Garlic Planting and Greenhouse upgrades

Oct 31, 2022

We have been blessed with some beautiful and unseasonably warm weather this last week.  It has been good for what we’ve had to accomplish.  On Wednesday we tried to dodge the rain showers to get some garlic planted.  The end result was we got the planter on the tractor, got 30 feet of garlic planted, and got wet.  On Thursday morning before market we managed to fight through the rest of that bed and one more so it’s a start anyway.  There are too many weed stems leftover from the previous potato crop in the field we chose so it kept hanging up on the fronts of the planter shoes.  Friday we sent a crew to gather the surface layer of weeds and haul them to the compost pile so hopefully today when we get back at planting it should go a little easier.

Between all that on Thursday and Friday, Aleta picked up the rest of our greenhouse parts and we got ready for Saturday’s greenhouse upgrade work day.  Friday we got the new end arch wiggle channel installed and the old plastic re fastened for overnight.  Saturday mid day, after waiting for the weather to warm up and doing a lot of pre assembly, we pulled off the six year old plastic and pulled on the new plastic.  We still have a major project ahead, but the plastic is installed and one end trimmed, the new rollups also attached to the plastic. And the one side now runs on a motor and controller automatically.  We are all exhausted, but it feels like amazing progress.

This week in CSA we have Arugula, Carrots, Onions, Lettuce, Potatoes, Cabbage, and Delicata Squash.

This week is a huge transition for our schedule.  A few weeks ago Nathan was trying to personally attend all three of our weekly markets, leaving very little time at home for actually farming.  Now for the next two weeks we only have one market, Saturday mornings.  And this week, Hayley took the lead on that market so Nathan could be on farm for the greenhouse work bee.  So for the first time since at least July (probably longer) Nathan has ten days in a row without going to a market.  But never fear, we still have options for you to get our lovely vegetables, meats, and eggs.  For November you can now order online for home delivery in the areas of our usual Wednesday and Thursday markets, follow the link below for our online store, select your items and then choose delivery to see what options are available in your area, then follow the prompts to complete your order.  Other than that we hope to get lots done here at the farm with this slightly more manageable schedule.

Well that’s about all for this week.  Remember to get those orders in Today for Wednesday deliveries.

Until next week,

Happy ordering!

Nathan and Aleta Klassen

[email protected]