Oct 10, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving!  Lots to be thankful for this week, starting with the fact we survived last week.  On Saturday we were very thankful for friends coming out to help with market.  After a long week, it actually made market enjoyable again.  Also thankful for the changing of seasons and finally making progress on fall improvements.  We are making headway on changing over the greenhouses to winter salad production.  Still two greenhouses full of tomatoes yet to go, but it’s nice to see a few new seedlings sprouting up for the new season.  And speaking of new beginnings, we also had two lambs born this week.  We are thankful for the season we have had, but most of all right now, thankful that we can look back at the busiest part of the season in retrospect rather than still living it.  

This week in CSA we have Lettuce, Onions, Beets, Watermelon Radish, Cherry Tomatoes, Huckleberry Gold potatoes, English Cucumber, and Dill.

We’re already starting to plan for next season.  The first of next year’s crops to be planted is garlic which will be happening soon.  But wherever we put one thing impacts everything else, se we are talking about next year’s crop plan, and irrigation blocks.  And it is also important for fall field work, manure planning, and what cover crops we plant where.   So we’re starting now for at least a rough outline of next year’s field plan.

Hopefully today we can make some more progress on the greenhouse endwall upgrade.  So far Nathan has managed to finish the doors on one end by getting up early to get a few hours in before our afternoon markets.  It is at least a start, but there is a lot to go.  We’re just looking forward to the result when it is all done.

Well that’s all for this week.  I can’t believe I’m still saying this in October, but send rain.  We’re still dry.

Happy ordering!

Nathan and Aleta Klassen 


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