Sept 12, 2022

There is nothing harder to fence than hungry livestock.  Normally when the grass is growing it is easy enough to keep moving paddocks and keep the sheep happy, but as the drought drags on for enough months that I’m loosing track, even what little grass there is is hard to graze because the sheep have little respect for the fence.  At least we had a good yield on first cut hay so no-one is truly going hungry, but we know they would prefer fresh grass.

This week we were able to catch up on some of the tasks that have been pushed too long.  Because Monday was a holiday we were able to bring in an extra crew from another farm to help us get through the backlog.  At one point, counting us, and our regular crew, we had 20 people working.  So we’re still behind, but it doesn’t feel like hopelessly behind anymore.  Even with the extra work day, we are still getting in pickers on Saturday and once mid week just to keep somewhat on top of the tomato harvest.

If you are planning on canning, this would be a good time to order your plum tomatoes. This is about the peak of the season so we should have the quantities you need, and the quality is still very good.

This week in CSA we have Mini Romain Lettuce, Flat Beans, Galaxy Cherry Tomatoes, Carrots, Beets, Perry’s Corners Farm Shepherd Peppers, and Onions.

We will have fresh Duck available this week.

Hopefully today’s promised rain is enough to help.  Normally at this time of year we are nearly ready to think of packing up the pipes for the winter but it’s a whole different thing this year.  As already mentioned, the pastures are pathetic, and everything else is reliant on us running irrigation for a couple hours every day to get a bit of water on everything each week.  Oh well.  We don’t get to chose the weather.

For those of you who shop with us at he Montgomry’s Inn farmers market, as of last week and through the end of October, the market is at a new temporary home at Islington United Church while construction takes place in the Inn’s parking lot.  If you are local to the area you will probably be less surprised than I was the it is located on Bernanthotp Rd, but it still felt worth noting.

Well that’s the news this week.  Thanks to all of you who keep showing up to support us at markets and through orders.

Until next week.

Happy ordering!

Nathan and Aleta Klassen

[email protected]