Weekly Update June 6, 2022

It’s been a good week for progress, even if we didn’t get the entire list checked off.  Of course we still feel behind, but it’s holding.  Most of the tomatoes are planted in the field, probably half the potatoes, and parsnips got seeded.  Overall a success.  We decided not to take our chances on cutting hay, and the forecast looks less than helpful for the near future as far as finding four reliably dry days in a row, so we’ll just continue to wait and watch.  We could really use the rain for the vegetables, so we can’t be too sore about the forecast for this week.

New product this week, we have lamb pepperettes.  Honey Garlic and Regular for now, but depending how popular they are, we may add more flavours in the future.  We also have more spinach available now that the first planting in the field is ready, Cilantro is also ready, and we have more chicken back in stock, including chicken sausages.  Strawberries are coming soon, but for now there are only a few random ripe ones in a field of berries that look like they need at least another week.  Soon though.

CSA this week: Spinach, Lettuce, Asparagus, Carrots, turnips and Cilantro.

On Saturday we started spreading wood chips for our squash patch.  It will take a little while before we are ready to plant, but at least we have a start on it.

We’re had another four lambs born this week, and I think we are down to one more expecting before we have a few weeks break until the next group starts.  

After long consideration we finally decided to discontinue our time at Kitchener Market.  It hasn’t really been worth while from a sales perspective from the start, and we were hoping that maybe moving outside to the covered area might help, but it was even substantially worse than inside.  In addition to that, we realized that with how busy we are, we wouldn’t have time to prepare for and staff the market if it were to do well without all ending up very burnt out.  So we’ll focus our efforts where we are doing well.  If you are still looking to access our products in Kitchener, we do still have an order pickup point on Homewood Ave, or come out to the farm.  We’re only 23 minutes from the market.

On another somewhat sad note, one of our team members let us know he is moving on to pursue other interests.  We’ll still have a great team, but if you know someone looking to work in organic vegetable production who doesn’t have a job yet, send them our way!  

Well that’s about all the news for this week.  Hoping the rain comes, but may it fall gently on our fields.

Until next week,

Happy ordering!

Nathan and Aleta Klassen


[email protected]