June 20, 2022

Getting off the farm is hard, even if it just for a couple days.  But it felt good being able to leave it in competent hands as we did just that over the weekend to attend an out of town wedding.  Even better, we got our hay in before leaving.  Most of it we got in on Wednesday, but the new field we planted this spring wasn’t dry yet so we finished up on Friday.  Wednesday night we didn’t finish getting the bales inside until almost one in the morning, and Friday took a lot of creativity to fit it all in, but we did it, and the sheep will eat for another winter.

Strawberry season is really here this week so we’re getting more worth while numbers of berries each picking.  If you are looking for a flat for preserving this would probably be the week to get them since the season seems to go by fast.

Garlic scapes are just starting.  This week that will be in the CSA boxes (we think we have enough for at least a few each) and there should be a few for markets by the end of the week, but by next week there should be plenty to list online as well.

This week in CSA we have Strawberries, Garlic Scapes, Parsnips, Asparagus, Spinach, and Dill.

Out in the field crops keep growing and fields are filing up.  There is a little strip that we just got rye straw off of that will provide a few more beds for planting and a bit of space beside the tomatoes, but then it will be tight until we can start turning over more beds when the first crop is off.  We try to keep ourselves tight in the fields to maximize our irrigation water, but it does present it’s own challenges for getting things planted on time.

The new crop of parsnips has germinated.  It looks like they are coming up well which is always the first challenge, so now we just have to weed them, and keep them alive until October.  Hopefully with the better germination this year we can have at least as good a yield as last year, but with luck the individual parsnips will be a little bit smaller.

Well that’s the news for this week.  Now that we have the hay in we could really use some rain again.  Not that we’re picky or anything, but it can come anytime now.

Until next week, 

Happy ordering!

Nathan and Aleta Klassen


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