May 30th, 2022

It’s shearing season for the sheep.  We had actually initially planned to schedule a little later in the season, when more of them had had their lambs, but seeing how much happier the sheep look it was probably just a good thing to get it done.  Last week our sheep sheerer called us up and said he was available on Saturday to do ours.  They come from quite a distance and like to group up farms in an area to do on the same trip, so we basically get to take what we are offered or wait until July.  Thanks to our staff for taking both markets on Saturday so Nathan could be home to help.

In addition to the sheep needing a haircut, we also save some of the wool for spinning into yarn which will probably be available in winter of 2023.  There is a bit of a lead time for all the steps getting from sheep to finished yarn.  But not to worry, the 2021 clip is at the mill right now being made into yarn for this winter.

This week we are full of hope for all the things we are going to get done.  There are tomatoes to plant, potatoes to plant, more seeding, and of course the perpetual job of managing all the weeds that make their appearance between our planted crops.  And possibly hay to make, if we think we trust the clouds to be house broke for enough days in a row.  But first there is that dead tree to clean up that Nathan cut down a month ago, and is still very much across the hay field.  Ok, so maybe we won’t get that all done, but we gotta dream big…

Out in the field our first spring seeded spinach is almost reaching a harvestable size.  Dill and cilantro are coming along, and beets are definitely getting established, but still a long way from ready.

This week in CSA we have Lettuce, Asparagus, Parsnips, Bunched Beets from the high tunnel, Salad Turinps, and Garlic Chives.

Greenhouses are looking great with the tomatoes getting established.  There are still a few places still occupied by lettuce where tomatoes have yet to go, but it is well into the summer half of that transition.

Well if this list is going to get completed we’d best get at it.  

Until next time,

Happy Ordering,

Nathan and Aleta Klassen