Weekly Update April 25, 2022

It is really amazing sometimes how overnight you can go from waiting for field conditions to be ready, to hopelessly behind on work.  The seesawing temperatures this spring haven’t made that any better for sure, delaying us planting out our cabbage a couple weeks from when they were ready, but there is always a certain amount of this that happens every spring.  Suddenly everything needs to be done at once.  Well on Friday we managed to get the cabbage planted, and the chickens moved to pasture.  This Wednesday is looking colder than we would like, but we are already staring down the back stretch of April and we can’t put off transplanting forever.  This week we have to cover those cabbage, and hopefully get the beds ready for planting onions.  And more seeding in the field, and transplanting into the greenhouse.  And because we wouldn’t want to run out of things to do, today we are getting our second batch of chicks.

This week in CSA we have Lettuce, Kalepini, Daikon Radish, Carrots, Onions, and Winter Sweet Squash.  

There are some things we have managed on time this year.  The hay we planted a couple weeks ago is starting to come up, so we are excited to have more supply next winter.  We just ran out of what we made last year, and although the grass has greened up enough for our neighbour across the road to mow his once already, I’d prefer to see just a bit more growth on ours before putting the sheep out on pasture.

The greenhouses are still busy with lettuce, and increasing number of our summer tomatoes, with lots of seedlings waiting to go in the field.  Our biggest planting push is still ahead of us, but whatever we can get done now will help a lot in the coming weeks.

Most weeks for a while now we have managed to get a few fence posts in per week, but our fun may soon be done for a while because we can’t let the post hole auger tie up a tractor forever.  At least now the irrigation hydrants have marker posts next to them.  This should have been done years ago, but it’s progress none the less.  Maybe just a few more this week.  We’ll see

Until next time,
Happy Ordering!


Nathan, Aleta & David Klassen
[email protected]