Weekly update July 5, 2021

This week we have been blessed with good rains and moderate temperatures.  The weeds are loving the conditions, but fortunately with the end of strawberry season, we will hopefully have more time to get them under control.  We also finally got most of the squash planted, which, while late, is no worse than last year so we are still optimistic for getting a good crop.  Carrots are ready, as well as the first cherry tomatoes from the greenhouse so it is starting to look a lot more like summer.

This week in the CSA boxes we expect to have Cherry tomatoes, Zucchini from Little Fields Farm, Butterhead Lettuce, Garlic Scapes, Curly Kale, and Parsley.

The crop of beets is looking fantastic right now, really showing the difference of both building up the soil, and having better seeding equipment.  The cabbages are also amazing, far exceeding our expectations even a few weeks ago.  Even the red cabbages, which we often struggle with, are well on the good side of doing ok.  The field tomatoes continue to grow, and are getting well past due for staking.  Hopefully this week we can make some progress on that.

Once again this week, we have Fresh Chicken available.  Once again, they tend large, but we should hopefully have some between 4 and 5 lbs available from this batch.  Let us know if you want one (or seven…) and we’ll let you know what sizes are available once we get them back.  Anything that doesn’t have to go in our freezer is appreciated as it is still looking a little tight.  We are looking forward to the completion of our freezer with great anticipation, but it is looking like it might be August before we can start moving in.  At least there is progress.

Nathan & Aleta Klassen