Weekly update July 26, 2021

Garlic harvest has begun!  On Friday we pulled just over a bed of Garlic and got it all tied and hung to cure for storage.  The crop looks about as good as we were hoping it would, which is fantastic, but it should make it interesting figuring out where to hang the rest of it.  Oh well.  There are worse problems to have, and we worked hard to create this one.

The hay we cut last week Saturday wasn’t dry on Tuesday like we had hoped, and there was rain on Tuesday night, like we hoped there wouldn’t be.  It was only about three mm, but it is still frustrating watching rain falling on nearly dry hay.  But on Wednesday we got it fluffed up and spread around again and Thursday night got it baled.  It still looks fairly good quality in spite of having been rinsed.

Our big walk in freezer project is nearing completion and not a bit too soon!  At this point theoretically everything should work.  The door needs its closure catch completed, but other than that it is just turning it on.  And spending the next week fixing whatever isn’t working right while it gets down to temperature.  Apparently it takes a bit of time to freeze the concrete pad inside it.  While we are excited to be this close, we still need this next step to go well.  Last Tuesday we picked up our previous batch of frozen chicken pieces from the butcher and it took some serious creativity to fit them all into our current freezers.  And our next batch of chickens goes in a week from today.

We made it through another year’s chicken audit so we can continue another year.  Not that it was really a concern.  We know we do a good job looking after the birds and our paperwork is in order, but it still feels good to have someone tell us so.

This weeks CSA box is hopefully going to contain Cilantro, Sungold Cherry Tomatoes, Curly Kale, Rainbow carrots, Mini Romaine head lettuce, Fresh Garlic, English Cucumbers, and Beef steak tomatoes.  

Other than that the normal cycle of harvest and planting continues.  Asparagus is done for the season and mulched with compost and wood chips, only the remaining inventory from last week’s harvest in the cooler for sale.  The first planting of cabbage is done, tilled in, and replanted.  We’re just starting to plant for fall crops now so we have carrots and beets through the cold months.  The next arugula is also planted and should be ready in four weeks.  It was nice to get a good rain again over the weekend after getting things seeded, but we still don’t have the wheat harvested so you can’t them all.

Thats all for this week

Happy Ordering

Nathan & Aleta Klassen