Weekly update July 19th, 2021

Farming is always a gamble, but right now that is more front of mind than some days.  We’ve had weeks of good rain, and while it has been a challenge for managing weeds, the crop growth has on balance been worth it.  But it hasn’t left a lot of good windows for making hay.  So on Saturday, after rain all morning, when dry hay felt like the farthest thing from possible, we cut hay.  Hopefully the rain holds off long enough tomorrow for us to get the crop in.  Perhaps we can even harvest the wheat while we are at it too.  Here’s hoping.

New this week, the first of the season Sweet Corn is ready from Aleta’s brother Gordon.  We also finally have enough Heirloom Tomatoes to offer some for orders as well as more cherry and slicing tomatoes.  We also have a red mini romaine for some colour variation in your salad.  

This week in the CSA boxes we have: Sweet corn, cherry tomatoes, red romaine, garlic scapes, small savoy cabbage, asparagus, and mint.

Last week we finally got the steaks in for our field tomatoes.  They still need to be tied up, but its progress.

We are looking forward to the second last step on the freezer hopefully getting completed.  We are expecting our Geo Thermal contractor to hook the freezer into the existing ground loop.  If this step goes according to plan, hopefully next week the refrigeration guys can come back and get it running early next week.  And if there are no problems with that, then a week later we should be able to use it.  But that’s a lot of ifs.  We’re hoping in three weeks it is ready.

Somewhere between all this, and chasing down the last paperwork we need from our organic inspection last week, we have to pick up another batch of chicks, get our last batch of frozen chicken back from the butcher, and get ready for our annual chicken audit on Thursday.  The paperwork isn’t our favourite part of farming, but it somehow has to get done.  And the last few weeks there has been a lot of it.

Well that’s about it for this week.  Lots to do yet today.

Happy ordering!

Nathan & Aleta Klassen