Weekly update July 12th, 2021

It’s been another rainy week with the forecast looking like not much change on the horizon.  There have been sunny breaks to get outside work done, but it has also shifted our focus inside more than it might be on a drier week.  There was plenty that needed to be done between the greenhouses, cleaning up the packing house, and getting some of our records from the last year in order for our Organic certification annual inspection today.  The rain has helped everything grow – the vegetables, the hay fields, the weeds – and saved us a ton of time irrigating, but at some point it would be nice to have about 4 sunny days in a row.  The hay is about ready for second cut, just a few flowers on the alfalfa indicating it is about at peak quality, but without time to dry that isn’t much good.  The winter wheat is also ready to harvest any day now if it would only dry down.  Regardless, the rain is on balance helping, so we are trying to practice thankfulness.

This week there are more tomatoes ripening.  Now there are full-size tomatoes and even large heirloom tomatoes.  Arugula is also back this week.  We aren’t planting it as regularly as we once did, so it will be more in the occasional treat category rather than a regular staple item, so enjoy it while it lasts!  We’ve had a great run on Asparagus this year, but the end is in sight on that season.  We are thinking that either this week or next will be the last, so grab it while you can!  We already stopped picking one of our two patches and got compost and chips spread to manage the weeds for the summer and feed next year’s crop.

This week in the CSA boxes we expect to have Heirloom tomatoes, Arugula, Mini Romaine, Carrots, Beets, Cilantro, and English Cucumber.

This week, other than our certification inspection, we hope to continue fighting the good fight against weeds, and with luck get the steaks in for the field tomatoes.  It should have been done a while ago, but sometimes this is just how it goes.  Then if we get a dry day we can start tying them up.  At least the ones in the greenhouse look great.

Well we have a busy morning so we had better get back at it.  

Until next week.  Happy ordering!

Nathan and Aleta Klassen