Nith Valley Organics is Hiring

Come join our growing team at Nith Valley Organics! Farming is hard work, but we also think it is the best work: producing good food from the earth, water and sun. Our crew is at the core of what we do and we value the contributions each member brings to the farm.

We offer (mostly) full time / part time seasonal work with possibility of advancement. We need people to start in the spring, as early as April. We hire some students who return to school in September; others we prefer to keep on through early November.

We like to hire people with an interest in organic farming as a career and with previous experience working outdoors.

What it would entail...

- There are three primary components

  1. A specialization. In 2016 these included weed management, succession seeding, greenhouse production, irrigation and fertility management, among other things. We’re trying to have most people responsible for some aspect of the operation. This ran anywhere from 5%-90% of the time, depending on which specialization and time of year. It may involve managing other people in the team, again depending on the specialization.

    We assume that people who have been here still know how to do what they did last year, but anything new to anyone comes with instruction. Related experience on another farm is helpful, but does not lead to the assumption of prior knowledge of any tasks.

  2. General labour. This will be helping others with their areas of responsibility, primarily (trans)planting, weeding and harvest, which includes wash and pack. Early in the season transplanting is the majority of the work. Mid-late season, harvest is the majority. The fraction of time people spend weeding (mostly hoeing) depends on how well we manage that, which partly depends on how well supplied we are with additional hands. Here is where you get to demonstrate your ability to learn to do repetitive tasks quickly. It’s not that you will be doing the same repetitive task day after day, but the ability to take extra steps out of anything done repetitively is an important skill.

  3. Market sales. Most, although not quite all, of our people go to at least one market. We have markets Wednesday and Thursday afternoons (into the evening), and two on Saturday morning. In a typical year, the Wednesday market, and one of the Saturday markets, required 3 people at peak season. The others needed up to two people each, depending on the season. <-- We currently have three people we consider capable of being lead person at a market, and we’d like to grow that pool so nobody has to do too many per week, and nobody is indispensable (we need to be able to allow for people getting sick or whatever).


In the heat of the summer we aim for 8-5 with an hour for lunch, but it gets complicated when people are doing market. We shoot for something like 40 hours per week. Starting pay is minimum wage - more for returning employees. And once the season gets rolling employees get first crack at any vegetables that fail to meet quality standards to go to market, which may mean they came back and don’t have enough shelf life to go again, or they are odd looking.

For more information, or to apply, please email hr@nithvalleyorganics.ca or call (519) 696-3136.

Last modified: January 31, 2018