Full-choice Model

As a full-choice customer, you come to the Uptown Waterloo Farmers' and Crafters' Market and select from the full range of our fresh, local vegetables. The full-choice model allows you to take as much as you will eat that week of your favourite in-season vegetables (supplies permitting), while leaving behind those you don’t care for. You have the freedom to try new things, but we won’t tell you what to eat for dinner this week (unless you ask, of course!). You also have the opportunity to learn how to eat more seasonally; to get the best value out of your CSA share, we recommend committing to only eat the vegetables that are available through your share.

Our full-choice model CSA customers also receive a 20% discount on bulk quantities of vegetables for preserving, as available.

Download the brochure and registration form.


For this model, we charge based on the number of adults in your household; children under age 16 eat free!

Family share (2 adults, plus children)

$43 / week × 20 weeks = $860.
Deposit: $215

For each additional adult in the same household, add $14/week = $280.
Deposit: $70

Individual share (one adult, plus children)

$29.5 / week × 20 weeks = $590.
Deposit: $147.50

Senior couple share

$32 / week × 20 weeks = $640.
Deposit: $160.00

Single senior share

$18.00 / week × 20 weeks = $360.
Deposit: $90.00

We also offer a more typical box model at all of our market locations, on-farm, and at selected neigborhood locations. You can learn more here.

Last modified: March 20, 2017